October 2, 2012

Republicans Outlook on Romney Not Good

Mitt's Healthcare Makes You Pay

NBC News: Nothing Going On With Romney

Quotes Haunting Barack Obama

Polling Conspiracy Against Romney?

Scott Brown To Elizabeth Warren: I'm Not Your Student


October 1, 2012

Bernanke Warns Congress To Butt Out

Economic Recovery Inevitable No Matter Who Wins Presidential Election

Limbaugh's Plan: Send the Liberals to Mexico, Bring Mexican Conservatives To US

What Can We Tell From a Walk: Obama Loose, Romney Stiff

Obama's Focus: Avoid Losing His Lead in First Debate

Romney's Economics Argument Sputters

Elizabeth Warren Leads Scott Brown

NBC News: Obama Makes Case For Economic Patriotism

CBS News: Can Romney Turn Things Around?

ABC News: Majority Say Obama Will Win Debates

Why The Coal Miners?

Chris Christie to Obama: Stop Lying

Obama Opens Big Lead Again In Polling Swing States

Rupert Everett Backlash: Hate Mail and Death Threats

California Bans Gay Cure Therapy


September 28, 2012

Elizabeth Warren Cherokee Heritage Fact Check--Unbelievable

Soros Donates Millions

Obama Fundraises

JK Rowlings: I Didn't Build This


September 27, 2012

Samuel L. Lackson Video: Wake The F**K! Up! And Vote For Obama!


NBC News: Jackson Sends Wake Up Call To Voters

Obama's New Economic Patriotism

HuffPo: Obama Jokingly Channels Romney With Export More Jobs

Obama Phone Hooks You Up

FCC Lifeline Program

Washington Post: Obama, Romney Differ On Need for Swagger

Biased Polls Boosting Obama

Brown and Warren Differ on Foreign Policy

Pa. Voter ID Laws May Be Blocked

Romney Makeover Stressing Empathy for Average Americans


September 26, 2012

WikiLeaks: Obama Exploiting Arab Spring for Political Gain

ABC News: Six in 10 Rate Romney Negatively While Obama Rolls On

Libyan President on NBC News: Anti-Islam Film Had Nothing to Do With US Consulate Attack

NBC News: Romney's Struggles Continue

Conservatives Ponder Obama Court

CBS News: Obama Opens Big In Key Swing States


September 25, 2012

Madonna: We Have a Black Muslim In the White House

The Hill: Madonna Strips and Offers Profane Support for Obama

Radar Online:

Obama Will Do What We Must Through Diplomacy To Stop Iran

Obama's Tough Talk Aimed At Easing Israeli Concerns

Talk Show Conservatives Elevating Romney Likely to Blame RINOs Should He Lose

Still time For October Surprise As Obama Solidifies His Lead

Romney Is Slipping; Here's Why

NPR: Is Ryan Excitement Gone?

Battleground States Could Inhibit Latino Voters


September 24, 2012

CNN: Republicans Risk Being Mean Party

Romney's Balanced Budget Takes Too Much

Politico: Obama Pulls Ahead Again

America's Undecided Voters: Video

Paul Ryan: Conservative Pundits Complain...That's What They Do

Julianne Moore Validated From Palin's Thumbs Down


September 22, 2012

Mohamed Morsi: US Must Fundamentally Change

HuffPo: We're Still Waiting For Previous Years Taxes, Mitt

Media Matters: Obama's Redistribution Explained

Move On: Ryan's Hoodwinking Failed with AARP

Gay Boy Band Slams Romney in Music Video ***Warning: Guys In Bikini Bottoms+Sexual Innuendos

Sarah Silverman Explains the Truth Behind Voter Fraud ***Warning Graphic Language***


October 2, 2012

Dennis Prager: The World's Most Dynamic Religion Is...

Bishop Jackson: Take A STAND Against the Democratic Party

Thomas Sowell: Obama Diminishes America

WH Aide Involved With Fast & Furious Suddenly Transferred, Issa Seeks Subpoena

Romney In Step With Obama Work Permits

Washington Post Fact Checks Obama Ad


October 1, 2012

5 Things You Didn't Know About Fast & Furious

Hot Air: Operation Fast & Furious Univision's Tells Mexico's Side

WH Advisor Contradicts WH Spokesman: 9/11/12 Terror Attack

Karzai: Terrorism in Afghanistan Not Gone...It's Increased

Gen. John Allen "Mad As Hell"

MSNBC Doubling Down On Doctored Video?


September 28, 2012

Administration Hiding Libya Attack Details

Senators Demand Answers

Tight Race in 3 Swing States


September 27, 2012

Ann Coulter Causes Uproar on The View


Obama's New Economic Patriotism: More Oil Drilling, More Coal, and More Natural Gas AND Hiring 100k New Teachers and Training 2 Million Community College Students

Economic Patriotism, or Destruction? Durable Goods Orders Dropped 13.2% in August, GDP Downgraded to 1.3%

The Blaze: Did MSNBC Alter Video to Create Story?

Red State: The Problem With the Polls

The Blaze: The Project to Overthrow America Highlights

How to Undo the Obama Damage For Techies



September 26, 2012

Newsbusters: Mona Eltahawy Defaces Pro-Israeli Ad Watch Video of Mona Spraying Pamale Hall with Paint

Check Out Mona's Support On Twitter

Allen West: My Statement to the UN Would Have Included the Angel of Death in the Form of an American Bald Eagle

Obama, Khalid al-Mansour, and Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulazziz

Colin Powell on Capitalism: It Gave Us Our Wealth


September 25, 2012

Time To Stand: Business Leaders Fearfully Challenge US Government

Stakes High For Obama's UN Speech

Expected Spin

President's Itinerary Skips Meetings With World Leaders for The View

Iran's Ahmadinejad On Israel: No Roots in the Middle East and Will Be Eliminated

Krauthammer: Obama's Objective is to Ignore All Problems to the Finish Line

Obama's New Beginning With Muslims Collapsing In Cairo--Not Because of a Silly Video

Sowell: Obama vs Obama

What Voter Fraud?


September 24, 2012

Hot Air: Obama to Block Out Israel's Noise Regarding Iran

Obama: Rocky Road

Obama Admin Still Spinning the Libyan Lie

Iranian Commander Discusses Israel and WWIII

CBS Selectively Edits Obama's Mistakes

Obama Campaign Removes Obama Flag, Claims Sold Out

Microsoft Tweets Anti-Coulter to 300k Followers

Howard Stern Interviews Obama Supporters - Video


September 22, 2012

Leader of Libya Attack Linked to Obama Donor

Chick-Fil-A: We've Made No Concessions To Same Sex Marriage Supporters

SE Cupp Clashes With Co-Hosts On The Cycle