November 19, 2012

MSNBC David Gregory: Why Didn't Susan Rice Call it Terrorism?

Obama Makes History Again! Major Foreign Policy Achievement!

Yahoo News: Palestinian Civilian Toll Rises

MSNBC: Israel Stups Up Attacks In Heavily Civilian Populated Areas Despite Mediation Efforts


November 17, 2012

Israel Widens Attacks!

GOP Conservative Entertainment Complex Deceiving Themselves

Attack Bobby Jindal, Starting Now

Republicans Reject Obamacare, Still

Republicans To GOP: Update Your Thinking


November 16, 2012

Higher Unemployment: No More Twinkies; Hostess Going Out of Business

Politico: Majority Will Blame Republicans If Bush Tax Cuts Expire

Petraeus Replacement No Perfect Choice For Obama

New Mexico Gov. Susan Martinez Points Way Forward for GOP


November 15, 2012

AP: GOP Elects Woman to Top Spot Due to Double-Digit Election Losses

ABC: Signature Reaching Secession States Took Millions in Federal Money

Opponents Counter: Union Forever

Conservatives Crying Conspiracy Over Petraeus/Benghazi

CBS: Petraeus to Testify Behind Doors with Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calf. and Senate Intelligence Committee; Closed to Media and Public

CNN: Jindal Takes Shot At Romney Over "Gifts" Comment

Billionaire Buffet For Hillary 2016

GOP Fails To Attract Young Vote

MSNBC: Sandy Pushes Jobless Claims to 18 Month High

Mediaite: Luke Russert Reminds Pelosi "You're All Over 70"

O'Donnell Claims McCarthy-like Comments From GOP


November 14, 2012

Obama to Republicans: "But when they go after the U.N. ambassador, apparently because they think she's an easy target, then they've got a problem with me,"

Obama's $1.6 Trillion Dollar Tax on the Rich

Slate: House Republicans Are Tax Ignoramuses

Unscathed By Scandal, Obama Carries on

NBC News: Emboldened Democrats To Protect and Expand Entitlements

Progressives to Pelosi: Don't Go!

Unions File Lawsuit Against Scott Walker

CNN on New US House: Women and Minorities On Left; White Men To the Right


November 13, 2012

HuffPo: Ted Cruz On 'Latino' Vote

Did Cruz Do Better With Latinos?

Petraeus is Finished, Now Gen. John Allen


November 12, 2012

CNN Doubles Down with 'Unliking' Romney On Facebook

ABC: Shocking News Ends Career of Petraeus; Nothing More

Texas Gets Enough: Petition For Secession

20 States So Far: Leave It Behind

Romney's No Vote In Philly

Incredulous Republicans Will Call Voter Fraud

Programs for Poor, Social Security, and Medicare Targeted

Jeffrey Young: Southern States Refuse Coverage To Poor People Despite Government Subsidy

Gay-rights Pressure Obama For Discrimination Executive Order

LA Times: Republicans KO'd and Lost

David Axelrod: Americans Agree with Obama, Want Higher Taxes


November 19, 2012

Susan Rice In Hot Water; White House Not Responsible

Conflicting Reports Over Gaza: CNN, NY Times Claim Palestinian Boy Victim Of Israel, Telegraph UK Claims Boy Was Victim of Hamas


November 17, 2012

Breitbart: CNN Uses Faked Palestinian Injuries

Congress Claims Foul: EPA, Lisa Jackson Suspected Of Email Alias

Chris Horner + 2 Colleagues at CEI Filed Lawsuit Against EPA

AP At Odds With Israel: Changes Headline

Teamster Union Saw the Books, Bakers Union Killed the Hostess


November 16, 2012

Jim Demint To FTC: Please Don't Expand Authority Through Creative Theories

The Weekly Standard: Petraeus Knew Who Was Responsible in Benghazi

His Version Different From Obama Admin

Gov't Pays Out $175k To Male Senior ICE Official Over Complaints of Lewd Frat-House Style Behavior By Female Officials


November 15, 2012

Fox News: Lawmakers Dig for Answers On Libya

Florida Sends Auditors Amidst Voting Irregularities; Allen West Awaits

The Blaze: More Layoffs, Including 500 At NBC

Baldwin to Secessionists: Welcome to United States of Caucasia

Red State: Cybersecurity Act Defeated Again

Video: McCain Responds to President Obama


November 14, 2012

All In: 50 States Making Statements

Not Ready To Concede: Allen West Stands Firm

Krauthammer: Obama Admin Held Scandal Over Petraeus For Favorable Benghazi Review

Pressure On Holder To Be Honest

Mark Levin to GOP Pundits: Stop Embarrassing Yourselves

Wants To Know Who's Paying To Smear the Tea Party


November 13, 2012

Conservative Ted Cruz Warns Republicans: Move to the Right, Or Else. Do Better Communicating Values To Hispanic Communities

Benghazi Far Graver than Watergate

So Called GOP Further and Further From Conservatism

Left Continues Attacking Right: CNN vs Rick Santorum

Red State: Two Types of GOP; Those Disconnected From Washington, and Those Who Don't Like Conservatives

GOP Out Of Answers for Conservatism

Thomas Sowell: Romney Was Too Nice, and Then Some


November 12, 2012

Nearly Half the Country's States Petition Secession

DOJ: Knew About Petraeus Affair For Months

Did Broadwell Reveal Classified Benghazi Info?

S.E. Cupp: Obama's Foreign Policy IS Bush's Foreign Policy

Obama to Gays: No Executive Order