October 22, 2012

Durbin Slams Issa Over Document Dumps

Obama Video: Romnesia

Fox Guest Calls Paul Krugman For Keynesian Economics

Romney Gains In Polls Over Foreign Policy Issues


October 19, 2012

Obama Maintains Lead In Battleground Sates

PBS: More Debt, Less Jobs, Inflated Costs Today

CNN: More Binders Please

Obama With Jon Stewart: Benghazi not Optimal

Chris Matthews On Undecided Voters

Bill Maher On Undecided Voters


October 18, 2012

USA Today: Binders That Binds Us

HuffPo Live: From running cocaine in Brooklyn to sitting atop $460 million, President Obama calls Jay-Z an "American success story" in a new campaign ad appealing to young voters.


October 17, 2012

Barack Is Back!

Candy Crowley Fact Checks Romney On Libya

Hope Revived! Obama Delivers Rope A Dope

TKO: Crowley Calls Libya For Obama

Binders Full of Women

Maddow, MSNBC: Best Debate of Obama's Career


October 16, 2012

Robert Reich: Memo To the White House

Clinton Takes Blame For Libya

Morgan Freeman for Obama


October 15, 2012

Early Voters Pick Obama

Video: Rosie Perez Obamanos! Disses Mitt's Mexican Joke

Jesse Jackson Jr. Fed Probed; Decked Out House is Key

The Radical Is Romney, Not Ryan

Lindsay Lohan Jumps On the Mitt Wagon

Axelrod Defends Obama On Libya


October 12, 2012

Stewart: How Do Lunatic Republicans Make it to the National Stage?


CBS's Lara Logan: Obama Admin Lying About Afghanistan


October 11, 2012

NBC News: Romney Polls Higher in Key Swing States

ABC News: Obama: Fundamentals Favor Me Despite Bad Debate

CNN: Biden Could Shift Momentum This Debate

CNN: Obama Says Romney Playing Politics With Abortion

PBS: Obama Classmate Describes Kenyan Prince


October 10, 2012

Angst Amongst Obama Supporters

Gibbs Defends Susan Rice's Anti-Muslim Video Claim

HuffPo: Ohio Still Tips To Obama


October 9, 2012

Mitt Romney's Bain Made Millions Off Tobacco

Krugman Called Out By Mary Matalin

Toure: White People Come Up With Alternate Realities

Nevadans Favor Obama In Bad Economy


October 8, 2012

Feinstein: Malicious Trading Schemes Hurting Ca. Residents; Calls for Investigation

Congress Passing Laws For Personal Gain; It's All Legal

Ethics Committee Protection In Place

So Just How Well Did These Lawmakers Do Throughout the Recession?

Skywalker Going Full Force: Romney Liar Must Be Defeated

Antonio Villaraigosa: We'll Pull A 187 On Texas Like We Did In California in 90s. It Will "Spell the End Of the Republican Party as We Know It."

Warren Up Among "Likely Voters"; +5 Points


October 5, 2012

Jobs Up; Jobless Rate Down! Could Rock The Vote!

Below 8% Reprieve For Obama

Christmas Jobs Bonus for Obama

Feisty Obama is Back!

8 Year Sesame Street Fan to Romney: Find Something Else to Cut Off


October 4, 2012

Obama Rusty

Romney Shakes Political Woes For Now

Axelrod: Romney Fundamentally Dishonest

Stephanopoulos Breaks Norm: Romney Will Get Boost, but I didn't See Any Knockout Punches


October 22, 2012

5 Things to Know About Tonight's Final Debate

Obama the Harvard Years

Truth Behind Benghazi

Obama's War on Coal


October 19, 2012

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell Challenges Mitt's Son To Fist Fight

The Left's War On Undecided Voters


Bill Maher: Dipsh**

Chris Matthews: Boneheads


October 18, 2012

Va. Teacher Charged: Islam In the Class

D.L. Hughley: Romney Talked to President 'Like a Man Talking to His Servant'

Dinesh D'Souza Under Attack: Accusations Run Wild As 2016: Obama's America Hits DVD

Dinesh Strikes Down Libel

Video: Sununu Slams CNN for Defending Obama Over Libya Attacks, Ambassador Death and Video Tape


October 17, 2012

Moderator Crowley Helps Obama Rebut Romney Over Libya

Obama's Record Wins it for Mitt

Luntz Focus Group On Debate: "Bullsh**" On Live TV


October 16, 2012

Ann Coulter Slams Actress

Morgan Freeman's Agency Gets Him Obama Gig

Conan O'Brien Version Video

Ross Perot: Obama Too Much

Allen West Field of Dreams


October 15, 2012

Friday Night Lights Author F-Bombed After Romney Endorsement

Col. David Hunt: Cover-Up Over Libya

Flashback Video: Dishonorable Disclosures

Obama Can Change His Style; He Can't Change His Record

Thomas Sowell: Anne Coulter's Book Is True


October 12, 2012

Al Gore's Green-Tech Pads Pockets With Green

Sowell: Obama's 2007 Speech at Hampton U Revealing

GOP: Obama Incompetent; Libya Proves It


October 11, 2012

O'Keefe Video: Double Voting in Houston

Diane Sawyer: 4 Minutes on Obama's Debate Performance, 20 Seconds on Libya Debacle

Beck Explains


October 10, 2012

Obama's Ring: There Is No Good But Allah

Obama Extends His Greater Control of US Military

Panetta Sends Troops To Jordan

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.): Reaganomic Tax Reform Ideas Should Be Scrapped By Gang of Eight

AP Photo of Mitt Inexcusable


October 9, 2012

Dennis Prager: Left Wing Ideas Fail More Often Than Not

Voices Without A Vote Video

Mary Matalin Calls Krugman Out


October 8, 2012

Cut Tax Question Causes Ryan to Cut Interview

Obama.com Owned By Chinese

Republican Senators: Obama Pushing Limits for Sake of Politics

Murdered Ambassador Warned of Threats Day of Attack

Black Actress Slammed With Racial Slurs After Tweeting Mitt Support


October 5, 2012

Debate Distraction: Obama Donations Violating Federal Election Laws?

Malkin: Left Backs Big Bird

7.8% Jobless Contradicts


October 4, 2012

Left And Right Agree! Mitt Catches Obama Off Guard, Wins The Night

More Debt, No Problem

Congress Got the 9-11 a Month Before 9/11

NBC Busted Over Doctored Tape: Zimmerman Sues!