October 5, 2012

Jobs Up; Jobless Rate Down! Could Rock The Vote!

Below 8% Reprieve For Obama

Christmas Jobs Bonus for Obama

Feisty Obama is Back!

8 Year Sesame Street Fan to Romney: Find Something Else to Cut Off


October 4, 2012

Obama Rusty

Romney Shakes Political Woes For Now

Axelrod: Romney Fundamentally Dishonest

Stephanopoulos Breaks Norm: Romney Will Get Boost, but I didn't See Any Knockout Punches


October 3, 2012

2007 Obama Video; Claims of Racially Charged Rhetoric

Conservatives Hyping Old News

Tea Party To The Extreme Video

Polls Show Romney in Uphill Battle

Why Mitt Trails in Polls

War on Women -- To Blame

David Letterman Rails Against Fracking--But This Video Dismisses


October 2, 2012

Republicans Outlook on Romney Not Good

Mitt's Healthcare Makes You Pay

NBC News: Nothing Going On With Romney

Quotes Haunting Barack Obama

Polling Conspiracy Against Romney?

Scott Brown To Elizabeth Warren: I'm Not Your Student

Actors Lash Out Against Innocence of Muslims; Producer Arrested, Ordered to Jail By Judge

Moscow Court Bans Video

French Under Attack In Iran

ABC For Democrats


October 1, 2012

Bernanke Warns Congress To Butt Out

Economic Recovery Inevitable No Matter Who Wins Presidential Election

Limbaugh's Plan: Send the Liberals to Mexico, Bring Mexican Conservatives To US

What Can We Tell From a Walk: Obama Loose, Romney Stiff

Obama's Focus: Avoid Losing His Lead in First Debate

Romney's Economics Argument Sputters

Elizabeth Warren Leads Scott Brown

NBC News: Obama Makes Case For Economic Patriotism

CBS News: Can Romney Turn Things Around?

ABC News: Majority Say Obama Will Win Debates

Why The Coal Miners?

Chris Christie to Obama: Stop Lying

Obama Opens Big Lead Again In Polling Swing States

Rupert Everett Backlash: Hate Mail and Death Threats

California Bans Gay Cure Therapy