November 8, 2012

Will Texas Secede?

LA Times: Not Your Fathers Electorate: Minorities, Women, and Gays End the Traditional Straight White Male

Pride Over Obama Win In Heart Of Black LA

Now 20 Women Will Serve In US Senate! Hooray!

Obama: Still The World's Citizen

MSNBC Martin Bashir On Why Romney Lost


November 7, 2012

California Votes For Higher Tax Solution

Elizabeth Warren, Liberalism Takes Mass.

Claire McCaskill Wins

Patrick Murphy Wins Over Allen West?

Obama Win Good For NASA, Asteroids

Maine, Maryland Legalize Gay Marriage

Legal Pot Passes in Colorado, Washington; Still Illegal to Feds

Stock Markets React: Status Quo Election Equals Unresolved Economic Issues


November 6, 2012

Obama Clearly Leading In Polls

David Axelrod: Cold Hard Data Proves Obama's Election Day Edge

CNN: Voters Evenly Divided


November 5, 2012

HuffPo: One Day Left, Obama Winning!

Paul Krugman: Sandy, Katrina, and Romney's Bush-like Incompetence

CNN Poll: It's All Tied Up, Dead Heat Presidential Race

NBC News: Election Day, the Real Perfect Storm


November 2, 2012

NBC News: No Evidence of Washington's, or CIA's, Interference Withholding Aid From State Dept. as Republican Critics Have Alleged

HuffPo: Undeniable Global Warming Amplified the Energy

Barack Obama: My Vision For America

Mitt Romney: My Vision For America

CBS News: So Close, What If Obama, Romney Tie?


November 1, 2012

Florida Voting! Glitches!

Election Supervisor Explains: Addition Mistake

Paul Krugman: US Uncertainty Due to Euro Crash, Not Obama Agenda

HuffPo: Romney Scrutiny Over Fema Position

CNN Video: How Your Vote Can Be Hacked

Moms.Today.com: Girl Cries After NPR Report


October 31, 2012

Obama's Lead In Ohio Maintains

Sandy The Result of Global Warming

Ted Cruz: Not Hispanic Enough

Obama Apparently Has Upper Hand

SF Giants Fans Celebrate World Series Victory; Police Investigate


October 30, 2012

Obama's High-Wire Act: Ensure Smooth Recovery

Obama Cancels, Responds to Sandy

Obama's Statement: Video


October 29, 2012


Obama Retakes Lead!

Maddow: Mitt Romney's Campaign Has a Truthfulness Problem

Madonna Booed Over Obama

Vandals Keyed 'Obama' Into Cars

Joss Whedon: Romney Right Man To Lead Us Into Zombie Apocalypse

Urban Outfitters For Obama




November 8, 2012

No More Delaying, Decision On Keystone Pipeline Mandatory

Anti-Muslim Film Director Gets Prison Time

Californians Get New Taxes And Dem. Super Majority

Obama Supporters Share Thoughts On Israel

After Romney Loss, Dash Explains Why Romney/Ryan

Still, TMZ Mocks

MSNBC Martin Bashir: Apologizes to Anyone Frightened By Charles Krauthammer's Face


November 7, 2012

Obama Defeats Romney

Romney Concedes

Conservative Movement: It is What It is; Next Two Years Should Be Interesting, GOP On Notice

Fox Poll: Obama Key Groups Tipped the Vote


November 6, 2012

Not Over Yet

Fox News: New Black Panthers Back In Philly

Remember 08?


Clarissa Explains It All On Voting: Melissa Joan Hart Slammed **Warning: Graphic Language**


November 5, 2012

It Will Be A Romney Landslide

Field Works, or Acorn Reborn?

Fox News: Swing State Papers On Board With Mitt

Obama's $35-$40 Million Dollar Home in Hawaii


November 2, 2012

Spigot Cities To Pump Votes To Obama?

Michelle Malkin: President Poser of the United States 

Despite Sandy, We're In A Hurricane Drought

Liberal Media Covers Up For Obama Over Benghazi


November 1, 2012

Dems Causing Problems to Rile Up The Black Vote in Florida?

NYC Mayor Pumps $1.1 Million to Union Backed Democrat in Florida Amidst Looting and Unrest

More Electronic Voting Machines in the Can for Obama?

Krauthammer Assesses Obama's Sandy

Ann Coulter: Romney will be the most accomplished incoming president since Dwight Eisenhower.


October 31, 2012

Facebook Takes To Censorship, Blocks Navy SEALs

CBS/NYT/Q-polls Stick With Obama

Obama's Situation Room: Good Enough For Sandy, Pass On Benghazi


October 30, 2012

Paul Rodriguez Unleashes His Political Thoughts

Chuck Woolery Outraged Over AARP Partisanship

Chairman and Co-Founder of Restart Congress


October 29, 2012

Iowa's News Supports Romney

Urban Outfitters: Pro Obama Garb


Lena Dunham Parodies

Ret. Officer: Obama Watched Benghazi Attack